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The day starts at QingYen ancient town, with a view of the ancient city walls and old alleys. In the afternoon, take a bus to Huaxi Park to experience the unique real mountain and water in guiyang. Return to guiyang city in the evening, you can go to visit the landmark buildings of guiyang, south guo scenery "China's top ten famous buildings" - Jiaxiu Pavilion.

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Local attractions
  • QingYen ancient town
    QingYen ancient town is a characteristic ancient town with a famous residence of celebrities. Come here to experience the ancient humanities of the ancient town.
  • Huaxi Park
    Huaxi Park can be called the back garden of guiyang people. It is only half an hour's drive to the city center. There are beautiful streams, tree-covered walking streets and casual tea houses. Come here to relax, can wash away the fatigue.
  • Jiaxiu Pavilion
    The landmark building of guiyang, the Jiaxiu Pavilion, is right in the center of the city. The night view of Jiaxiu Pavilion is especially beautiful, looking from a distance, the lights are shining.
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